Armstrong Luxe

Hardwood's natural looks with extra durability and comfort

Armstrong Luxe Plank Flooring

Armstrong Luxe plank Van Nuys, CA

Armstrong Luxe is a vinyl plank flooring option that is specially-made to mimic the looks of real hardwood. But, since it is a luxury vinyl plank floor, Luxe offers premium strength, durability, and stain and water resistance. Luxe therefore makes it possible to add the natural beauty of hardwood to areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Armstrong utilizes Lynx Technology to create its vinyl planks, so the looks are extremely authentic. In fact, Luxe vinyl planks look almost exactly like real hardwood! There are a variety of wood looks available, included traditional wood, distressed wood, and even exotic wood. So, Luxe is designed to fit a wide variety of room designs, from traditional to modern.

Furthermore, given the construction of Luxe planks, installation is rather straightforward. Luxe can be installed using floating methods instead of glue down methods. The planks do not need to be glued to the subfloor; rather, they lock together and float over the subfloor. There are currently two installation options available: FastTak and Rigid Core. With FastTak, the Luxe planks are backed with a pressure-sensitive adhesive to ensure that the planks perfectly bond over the subfloor. RigidCore is better-suited for uneven subfloors, since the planks have a cork underlayment that can hide any unevenness.

Rigid Core

We recommend choosing Armstrong Luxe with Rigid Core technology. Why? With Rigid Core, the Luxe planks will have a strong composite core that provides exceptional dimensional stability. The planks will not collapse under heavy foot traffic, nor will they ever expand or contract when exposed to moisture. In fact, Luxe planks with Rigid Core are ready for whatever life throws their way.

In addition, Rigid Core planks are backed with a cork underlayment. Given cork’s construction, the underlayment provides softness and warmth underfoot. As a result, Luxe planks with Rigid Core are much more comfortable underfoot than hardwood, laminate, and traditional vinyl planks. Furthermore, the cork underlayment does well to muffle noisy foot traffic, so the floor will be quiet underfoot as well.

What about installation? Rigid Core planks feature a simple locking technology, so they can be attached and secured without the need for any special adhesive. Consequently, the planks can be installed over uneven subfloors, as they will do a good job hiding any subfloor irregularities.

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