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Carpet still remains the most popular flooring option largely because of its versatility.  It is available in so many different colors, textures, patterns, and styles, so the design options are truly endless.  We at Valley Carpet One are proud to offer a tremendous selection of premium carpet brands, so be sure to visit our Van Nuys, CA store today!

Carpet One Exclusives

Tigressa: Tigressa carpets are made to be both soft and durable.  Tigressa SoftStyle and Cherish emphasize comfort and durability, and they each will remain soft and clean for a long time.  For extra protection, Tigressa H20 has a thermoplastic backing to repel liquids and stains.

Innovia: Innovia and Innovia Touch are made from special Innotex fibers, so they are extremely soft and luxurious.  Also, all Innovia carpets come with built-in stain protection that is permanent.  As a result, Innovia carpets only need to be cleaned with water!

Relax, It’s Lees: Relax, It’s Lees blends supreme stain resistance and style.  There is a special Ultra 25 protection that repels liquids longer than the average stain protection.  Relax, It’s Lees also includes an Extra Loc backing that is extra dense.

Masland Wool Carpets

Masland is certainly one of the oldest and most reputable names in the industry.  It has made quality carpets for 150 years, and it continues to be a leader in style.  Masland wool carpets are durable and easy to clean, and they also are able to withstand heavy foot traffic.  Wool is natural, so Masland wool carpets are also environmentally-friendly.

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