Mannington Adura

Style and performance for any room in the home

Ultra-Durable Mannington Adura

Mannington Adura Van Nuys, CA

Mannington, as one of the largest and most popular flooring manufacturers in the industry, offers a floor for every function and design need. Whether you require the natural beauty of wood or the extra durability of vinyl, there’s a Mannington flooring option to suit your needs. Mannington Adura Max, however, is one option that actually fits every need! It combines natural style, long-lasting durability, and extreme comfort to create a floor that can pretty much fit every home setting.

How does Adura Max fit so many needs? Let’s take a look at its special layered construction. The top layer features Mannington’s own ScratchResist protection. This resists virtually all scratches, scruffs, and other markings, so the floor will always look as good as new. Underneath the top layer is the HydroLoc Core. HydroLoc acts as a shield against moisture, so Adura Max is totally water resistant. The last layer is the Ultra-Quiet Pad. As you can probably infer from its name, this pad absorbs sound from foot traffic, so it usually sounds as if you’re walking on carpet rather than a tough and strong vinyl floor.

Because of its core, Adura Max is considered a WPC floor.  Click here to learn more about WPC flooring.

In addition, Adura Max can be installed with Mannington’s LockSolid technology. This installation method is rather simple, as the Adura planks perfectly lock together to float over the subfloor. The planks do not have to be glued down to the subfloor with a special adhesive; the planks only need to be locked together for a permanent install! Since the planks fit together perfectly, there are no gaps in the floor, so dirt, dust, or liquids will never reach the subfloor. The LockSolid installation is certainly easy enough for skilled DIYers!

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