Stone Flooring

Natural beauty and strength from stone

Natural and Engineered Stone Flooring

stone flooring Van Nuys, CA

Natural stone flooring can come from several different types of stones. These floors are designed to hold up under a lot of foot traffic, and they can handle moisture without deteriorating. While they can be typically stained from spills, homeowners can seal them to prevent this from occurring. 

Natural stone flooring offers a classic look that goes well with many interior design styles, including contemporary designs and more rustic ones. Homeowners can choose from a wide range of stone floor designs in various tones and textures to create a unique look for different rooms within their home or in outdoor living spaces. Natural stone floors can have a rougher look for a more natural design or a highly polished look that adds a touch of luxury to homes. 

Engineered stone flooring is made to resemble natural stone, although it is made from synthetic materials. These floors are durable, but they also provide more comfort. Floors made from engineered stone are more flexible than natural stone floors, so they are relatively soft underfoot. Engineered stone floors usually last for years, since they are also able to resist moisture and stains.

Choosing between natural or engineered floors is made of stone depends on several factors. These include home improvement budgets and personal design preferences. Homeowners should keep in mind that both types of floors are available in a wide range of colors and designs. Whether homeowners choose natural or engineered floors, these floors can be designed to suit their home and enhance its appearance.  To learn more about stone flooring, visit Valley Carpet One in Van Nuys, CA. 

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