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Carpet in Van Nuys, CA

Carpet is one of our longstanding flooring favorites. There are hundreds and hundreds of product options to ponder, comforting addition to homes of all sizes.


At Valley Carpet One Floor & Home of Van Nuys, CA, our goal is to assist with your every carpet flooring need: whether your home is quiet or somewhat chaotic. Carpet can be trendy or traditional, budget-friendly, essential, or ultra-luxurious. All have their unique perks and benefits. If you’re considering a carpet installation, please continue to read



Types of Carpet

What are you seeking in your new carpet flooring? This is the part where it’s essential to pay attention. Your carpet’s pile, or the rug’s literal fibers, can be made from a wide variety of natural and synthetic materials. Among our favorites are wool, nylon, and polyester. Pile types will look and perform much differently in different settings. They can all be incorporated into various construction types, including level loop, frieze, patterned, textured, and plush.


Nylon carpets boast a synthetic pile that’s prized for its sheer softness and amazing durability. Coated with a clear treatment that further safeguards against debris and staining, nylon is a favorite for commercial environments, and beloved by busy families. Polyester carpets are made from synthetic pile that looks and feels a lot like nylon but is significantly more affordable. Though once considered inferior to the former, today’s polyester boasts stain protection that’s comparable to nylon.


Triexta carpets are made from a rougher synthetic pile that’s extremely sturdy and durable. Its subtle patterning conceals soiling and debris, and its resilient construction resists heavy usage. Triexta is often used in the corporate or hospitality industries for these reasons. Olefin/polypropylene carpets use a velvety soft, synthetic pile to form exquisite patterns. Best reserved for quiet formal settings, olefin rugs are made with luxury in mind, rather than heavy wear.


Wool carpets are made from sustainable, natural pile that’s a classic carpeting favorite for a great many reasons. Sturdy and warm, wool holds true to its colors, while filtering allergens out of the air.



Carpet Installation

Carpet flooring isn’t a smart contender for your kitchen or bath area but trust us: there are worlds of options for nearly any other type of space. From indoor-outdoor carpet to adorn your sunroom, or resilient but soft carpet to comfort in hallways and on stairs, we trust you and your home will soon be fully covered. Let our professional team guide you towards the smartest options.


We recommend using professional installers for any type of flooring installation. We hire outside contractors to do our installations, and we trust them to get the job done right for you. Professional installers know how to hide seams and can place them away from traffic and make sure they are away from doors ways and not running perpendicular to a light source.


Preparing for carpet installation calls for a little preparedness on your part. Remove all furniture from the room you plan on having the installation. Find out if the installers remove the carpet or if your need to take care and properly dispose of it before your installation. Make sure your subfloors are prepped and ready to go. Your subfloor needs to be dry and free of dust or any imperfections. In addition to residential carpet installation, we also offer commercial carpet installation. We carry Kraus carpet tiles in our showroom. Carpet tiles are easy to clean and are made to be incredibly durable to stand up to constant foot traffic.



Our Carpet Selection

Valley Carpet One Floor & Home is part of the world’s largest independent flooring cooperative and offers you incredible purchasing power, enduring value, and friendly services. To learn more about smarter carpet shopping or browse our displays, please visit us soon at 5836 Sepulveda Boulevard in Van Nuys, CA. You can also shop our carpet flooring online.



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Caring for Tile


Compared to other home products, tile is easy to clean and maintain. Spills, for example, can simply be wiped from the surface.





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