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Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring's Advantages

Laminate flooring has always been a more durable alternative to hardwood flooring, but in the past, there certainly was no mistaking between the two. Laminate simply was not realistic enough to truly replicate hardwood. But, because of advances in digital priting technology, modern-day laminate flooring looks almost exactly like hardwood. In fact, it’s no surprise that laminate is sometimes referred to as laminate wood flooring. So, laminate is now truly a stylish and more durable hardwood alternative. What makes laminate more durable?



Laminate's Special Construction

Unlike hardwood, laminate has a special top layer that is called the wear layer. This wear layer is extremely strong, so it resists scratches and impacts much better than other surfaces. As a result, laminate flooring does not need to be refinished like hardwood. Some high-end laminate flooring options have wear layers that feature aluminum oxide finishes for premium wear resistance.  Also, the wear layer can be textured so that the surface of the laminate planks actually feels like wood. For truly authentic looks and feels, be sure to choose laminate that features registered embossing technology. With this technology, the surface’s texture will match identically to the wood grains.


Laminate also has additional support layers underneath the top layers. These support layers, which are called the core and base layers, provide exceptional dimensional stability to each laminate plank, so the planks are unlikely to collapse or crack under heavy foot traffic.  Also, because of these strong support layers, laminate flooring is considered water resistant.  The planks, for example, will not expand or contract when exposed to moisture, a problem that you certainly will experience with hardwood.  Moreover, many laminate floors have 24-48 hour spill protection guarantees.




Installing Laminate Flooring

Almost all laminate flooring options now feature locking installation methods in which the planks perfectly click and lock together.  With this locking installation, there will be no gaps in the surface, so dirt, dust, and moisture will be less likely to reach the subfloor.  Also, many laminate floors can be installed without messy adhesives.  As always, we recommend relying on professional installers, so be sure to let us handle laminate installation for you.

Where can laminate be installed?  Laminate can be installed virtually anywhere in the home, although it is not the best option for bathrooms and other areas with heavy moisture. It can, however, usually be installed in kitchens and basements.  Laminate is especially popular in homes with children and pets as a more durable alternative to hardwood.




Our Laminate Selection

As part of our laminate flooring selection, we offer Laminate for Life, which is a Carpet One exclusive.  Laminate for Life combines natural wood looks with premium wear resistance and durability.


In addition, we have Armstrong laminate.  Armstrong laminate flooring is perfect for busy households because it is easy to clean and maintain.


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